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    Price range$1 - $10$11 - $20$21 - $40$41 - 80$81+
    Rank nameVillagerWarriorExplorerPirateCaptain

    PrefixVillager prefixWarrior prefixExplorer prefixPirate prefixCaptain prefix
    Name colourGreen nameAqua namePink nameRed nameGold name
    Sethomes4 Sethomes6 Sethomes
    8 Sethomes
    10 SethomesUnlimited

    How do I get a rank?
    Here at Minevictus you earn rank based on how much you spend. If you for buy $15 worth of goodies, you will be getting the Warrior rank in-game. Make sure to check out the price ranges above here! You're getting quite a good deal for even a dollar. Note that tax doesn't count towards your rank.
    We're giving you the option to assemble your own rank with only the features which are most important to you. If you need assistance, please refer to this page for more guidance. You can also join our Discord server here. Send a message in #support!

    Legal jargon
    Minevictus is in no way affiliated with Minecraft™, Mojang AB. Your contribution(s) will go directly to the people behind the Minecraft™ server accessible with the IP play.minevict.us. Our terms and conditions can be found here.
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